Greg, Rachel and Family!

Thank you for putting your trust in our company. I have been in the nutritional supplement business for over 30 years. When it comes to formulating products or selling dietary supplements we are very selective. We have spent years doing extensive research on many different nutritional compounds. We want to be sure that our products work and perform as intended. The nutritional supplement industry offers a wide array of life-changing alternatives that have virtually zero side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs. I believe we are witnessing the most incredible health breakthroughs in modern history. How the human body functions and the different natural compounds we can give it to stay well or recover from lost health have taken a quantum leap forward in recent years.

What you will find on our 7 Lights website are not your average run-of-the-mill products. A lot of unscrupulous companies in the supplement industry manufacture products with low potencies and inferior ingredients. It is our belief that the nutritional demands we all face in these challenging times cannot be met this way.

I am well aware of how supplement companies play games with labels and marketing to make you think you are getting far more than what you actually are. Unless you have had firsthand experience in how the industry operates or have studied how companies can play games with labels, you can be easily duped by all the clever Madison Avenue marketing tactics.

There are two typical signs to look for. One is extremely low priced supplements that tout an array of ingredients. The second is very high priced products. There are all sorts of network marketing companies and other scammers that zero in on perhaps a real good ingredient, but then corner the market and charge exorbitant prices so they can feed a down-line. Trust me, very few raw materials come with a price tag so high that the price of their product requires you to take out a loan to purchase.

This is not to say that the middle ground priced products can all be trusted and aren't deceptive either. I am just focusing on the glaringly obvious products. Many other products practically require detective work to figure out whether it is a good product and worth taking.

I know this can sound confusing and it is too difficult to try and explain all the gimmicks used in this forum. My intention is not to try and give you a bad impression of the dietary supplement industry, but to point out some of the problems and let you know that our company doesn't play by those rules. I also know that many companies are doing it right and trying to make quality products. The good far outweigh the bad.

What I can tell you is that our business model was built on doing it differently. Our goal is to offer our customers state of the art nutritional supplements made with the highest quality ingredients, finest care, contain potency levels that we know will work, and come at a reasonable price point. With disease so prevalent and an estimated 60% of the population taking at least one pharmaceutical drug every day for a medically diagnosed health condition, there is no middle ground for products that don't meet these challenging demands.

A wide variety of the foods, beverages and supplements being sold are devoid of any viable nutrition and in many cases, are even toxic to the body. We are barraged with pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, preservatives, fluoride, stabilizers, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, radiation, synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals, hydrogenated fats, solvents, fillers, binders, and thousands of other toxic compounds and by-products. To avoid these pitfalls and landmines you need to make good decisions about what you put into your body. We are doing our part to help change the direction our society has been heading for the past 100 years that is causing widespread illness by providing you one of the best resource outlets for the products you need to stay well and live out your life with optimum health. Our goal is to help you make responsible choices that can keep you well so you can fulfill your God given destiny.

Your health and well being is in our best interest. Thanks for taking the time to read about us and thank you for the confidence and trust you have put in us by purchasing our products.