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Dr. Michael Epitropoulos has a Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Doctorate in Applied Clinical Nutrition. He is also in the process of completing a medical degree. He has been in private practice for over 20 years. He has been a contributing columnist to several chiropractic publications as well as a former host of popular health radio shows in both Michigan and Florida. He currently is in private practice in Daytona Beach, Florida and serves as director of health services for Aegis Insurance Solutions a national wellness insurance company and also sits on the scientific advisory board for SOZO, a national nutritional beverage company.

Where is Imuregen Derived From?

It is derived from a beef source that involves extracting the life-giving components that mirror the human immune system. This is done through a modern biotechnology process based on auto enzymatic disintegration of the macromolecular protein component. The product is subject to long term non-destruction careful extraction with a follow/up natural separation of a set of effective low-molecular substances having a catalytic effect on specific internal secretion glands influencing favorably the intermedial metabolisms of cell. The merit of using the product is the user is getting with each dose a quantitative set of amino acids and essential amino acids along with low-molecular peptides and oligopeptides, tied to the disintegrative products which provides for life matter and work s on restoring the immune system and works on the cellular level.

Who actually discovered this product and what scientific basis led to the conclusion that this would be beneficial for human health?

Famous Czech pharmaceutics Dr. Rakus started as one of the first in 1930’s and 40’s with the concept that we have to treat the body the natural way that only can be accomplished with the extracts from herbal and animal sources. The extracts are non-toxic, non-addictive and support the immune system like no other product in the world can.

When was this product discovered and what type of clinical research has been done on it to support its use?

This product was perfected in the early 50’s and administered to patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy to prevent weight loss and improve energy. Studies done since the 1950’s to support its use have been done in both clinical and hospital settings by a team of scientists directed by the former head of the WHO (World Health Organization) Dr. Richter.

What are the results of some of those clinical trials?

Clinical tests proved a significant strengthening of cell immunity, mainly increase of T-, lymphocytes and their activity, induction of mucous immunity response. Also noted have been significant increased values of lysozyme and increased values of many proteins, reduction in the increase of C-reactive protein and the orosomucoide which are the cause of inflammatory process, improvement of power/strength parameters and training capacity for athletes, significant decrease in cholesterol levels, reduction of sickness in work environments with virus, positive effects on the health of children and many studies on the positive effect on various forms of cancer.

How did you become aware of this product, what type of results have you experienced with your patients using it, and why are you so excited and passionate about sharing this product?

I have been using this product in my office for the last six years since I was introduced to it and have seen extraordinary results with patients with terminal cancer to patients with auto-immune problems, inflammation, diabetes, all types of degenerative conditions. In 30 years of clinical practice I have never seen anything work like this product. It works on the immune system on a cellular level on a significant basis.

Tell us more about Dr. Richter’s involvement with this product.

Dr. Richter is a world renowned scientist and former head of the World Health Organization. He had been an independent researcher of Imuregen since the late 1950’s but in no way is connected to the company. He and several scientists thru peer review clinical and hospital settings over the years have established Imuregen’s approval by Ministries of Health in four European countries.

What is the FDA’s position on this product and what kind of work was done with them to allow this product into the U.S.?

Both FDA and USDA have approved its importation into the U.S. after several months of intense analysis.

How can we be assured of the products purity and quality since it is a bovine derived material that is imported from the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is monitored by very strict guidelines by both the Ministry of Health as well as their own FDA. The lab and production facility are regulated by very strict guidelines by the FDA version in the Czech Republic. For this product to be approved by the Ministry of Health it is a very arduous process. We have visited the lab and production facility and it is in pristine condition compared to anything I have ever seen in the U.S. It is amazing!

What kind of feedback are you getting from other medical doctors who are either using this in their clinic or looking at all the research to see if it is something they would consider using in their clinic?

We have several physicians around the country including oncologists who are impressed with both results and research.


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